Office Building and Complexes

Office Building and Complexes

In the expanding metropolitan community of South Florida, office buildings and complexes have become self-contained communities.

Within any given day, a building can have any type of mechanical breakdown requiring the security guards to help facilitate the movement of tenants and guests around those unexpected problems.

Buildings require evacuation plans from various causes. Our Feick Security officers are trained in evacuation procedures for the calm and complete evacuation of these buildings.

At some locations, our officers are requested to receive packages on behalf of the tenants. We have taught our officers how to receive and document the acceptance of these packages. We have established methods to forwarding these packages to the proper parties.

At these office buildings that we are hired to protect we are the first persons that the tenants and guests meet. It is our mission to present to all persons coming to those buildings the best “First Impression” before they continue with their business. We become the friendly professional that persons soon identify with those buildings. We have been recognized as an asset to those buildings we protect.

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